Phocus Brand Contact

Visual Identity for a large german design agency.

Brand Identity


New visual identity for the live-communication and brand agency, to present their creativity and know how.

guiding principles


Creativity cannot be increased directly; only systemic surrounding conditions can be changed positively. This means to open up spaces of possibility.

Inspired by Prof. Peter Kruse


The design elements should leave enough freedom to be combined in different forms. Striking basic forms with a strong typography and colors were chosen to build a metaphoric stage. In addition to these primary elements, a variety of elements can be added. The design builds on a mission statement to communicate activity, sovereignty and authenticity.

Service / Tasks

  • research of typography
  • conception of corporate identity / design
  • signet and word mark




Partner / Team

Creative Direction: Anja Osswald, Susanne Krebs & Darius Gondor
Photography: Phocus Brand Contact

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