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My work involves brand identities, data science and product design. Using a research-based approach with focus on purposeful products.


  • Communication Science (MA)
  • Design (MA)
  • Data Science (IBM, DataCamp)

awards and recognition

Media Research Award, Verband Österr. Zeitungen (VÖZ)

Shortlist Nomination – State Award (Austria), ars docendi

16. Salzburger Verkehrstage, Forum Mobil

CAMPUSonline Hochschulmanagement (TU Graz), Interface Design Competition, second prize

Think out of the Box Award, prize for the advancement of university teaching, FH Salzburg

Featured on Typographic Posters

Featured on Trendlist

Austrian State Prize 2011, multimedia and e-Business (advancement award)

Featured on Behance Network (typography)

& membership

MultiMediaArt Alumni
alumni network

France Alumni, Campus France
alumni network

lectures &


Design research in the DACH region, IConCMT, FH St. Pölten

Design research and artificial intelligence, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Mobility as user-experience and public transport on rivers, Salzburger Verkehrstage

Design – theory and practice: applied research and machine learning, FH Salzburg

Visual Rhetoric, HKB Bern

Workshop on the planning of Gießereigelände, TH Ingolstadt


  • Kunstuniversität Linz: Data Literacy (Data Visualization)
  • FH Salzburg: Impact of AI on creative industries


MEMOVOCO calendar 2016, Luczak & Scheuring

TYPODARIUM 2016, Hermann Schmidt Mainz

100 Ideas that Changed Advertising, Laurence King Publishers

TYPODARIUM 2015, Hermann Schmidt Mainz

Design Jam II, Die Krieger des Lichts

poster design 2, Feierabend Unique Books

TYPODARIUM 2013, Hermann Schmidt Mainz

new textile design, Feierabend Unique Books

new graphic design2, Feierabend Unique Books

logo2, Feierabend Unique Books

best of poster design, Feierabend Unique Books

events &

Ars Electronica Festival, Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Design with Academic Design Network Austria

Urban Diversity, perspectives on urban planning, Salzburg opened by lecture series with Imke Plinta and Christoph Laimer

Nürnberger Design Salon 2011, Nuremberg