Austrian Design Wild Week

Project week for design programs among Austrian universities.

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The Design Wild Week is a project week of design programs among Austrian universities.

Students and teachers can switch universities for one week and gain new insights and perspectives. It is an initiative of the Academic Design Network Austria.


The Design Wild Week aims to exchange experiences and knowledge quickly and efficiently. In addition, awareness of the quality of design education in Austria should be increased. The goal of the joint exchange is to promote and publicize the potential of the students and a rapid transfer of knowledge. The concept is inspired by the project week at the FH St. Pölten (Rosa von Suess, Markus Wintersberger), where students can work on interdisciplinary projects at their campus.


The project is designed as an MVP and therefore draws on established concepts and procedures. For the central organization of the information, online shared table sheets are used, which are filled out by the respective study programs and teachers themselves. In addition, a website provides all necessary links and contact informations. To enable a fair and feasible organization of the courses, the ticket system Pretix was used.

Pretix installation provided by Roland Alton-Scheidl (FH Vorarlberg)
shared online sheet to inform about courses


The first implementation was already a joint success of the Austrian design programs and universities, which can also be seen in the number of participants.


until almost sold out: enormous demand


(72% women, 28% men)


students on the waiting list

open survey conducted among participating students

The feedback from the students was very positive. The insight into other universities and courses of study inspired the students. Especially the contact with other teaching content (subject areas) or unfamiliar teaching methods (workshops) represented a great enrichment. Likewise, many appreciated the exchange among the students, which enabled an exchange of knowledge.

Recognition / Press

  • Ars Docendi – Shortlist Nominierung 2020
  • Design Austria Tätigkeitsbericht 18.19.20: PDF
  • FH St Pölten
  • Universität Mozarteum: PDF

Service / Tasks

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Project Management


Higher Education


Partner / Team

members of the design study departments operated the design wild week at their own universities

  • Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
  • FH Vorarlberg
  • FH Joanneum
  • Kunstuniversität Linz
  • Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
  • FH Salzburg
  • FH St. Pölten
  • Donau-Universität Krems
  • New Design University

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