Mobility as user experience

Improving mobility through public transport app for residents and tourists

UX/UI Design


The increase in individual traffic and mass tourism in the city of Salzburg and the surrounding regions requires sustainable solutions.


  • mass tourism
  • no possibility to extend infrastructure because of protected green spaces
  • protect nature and fauna from overload

Problem Statement

“Tourists and visitors who want to visit the city or the region nearby need transportation and guidance so, that they don’t have to rely on individual traffic.”


foundational research

The idea was to create an MVP which is easy to build and uses already established best-practices. Based on research we found these key points:

  • Provide tourists who stay in hotels with a free public-transport ticket (guest-ticket)
  • Most important aspects for the usage of public-transport are: air condition, comfort and a frequent schedule

define problem

  • Giving tourists a digital planner for all their activities (sightseeing, coffee, shopping)
  • Avoid over-crowding by predicting the capacity of tourism attractions – giving them alternatives


create an MVP based on:

  • usability
  • best practice (technology, UX)
  • constraints implied by infrastruture


mobile app
travel destinations, public transport planner

user experience
display routes depending on capacyity utilization

Salzach Linie
boat line transport

Recognition / Press

  • Forum Mobil 2018 Award
  • Published in Forum Mobil
  • Presentation at Salzburger Verkehrstage 2019

Service / Tasks

UX/UI Design


Public Transport



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